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Come to our garden and plant some seeds. Depending on the conditions, a variety of different plants (or other things) will grow.

There are currently 6 plants in the game (one of them is a secret though!)

Made for the "My First Game Jam : Winter 2019".

Game made by: xYaYx, Allex, Saulo_Audio & Koblasco



wOnderseed 1.0 (Game Jam Version) 7 MB
wOnderseed 1.02 (Post-Jam Version) 4 MB

Development log


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Got the 6 of them ! Nice little game, made me think of alchemy or doodle-god-like games, when you have to mix elements to discover new ones ! Nice :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Alchemy was certainly one of the inspirations for the game :)